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Workshop on Computer Security Incident Handling 1990

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Pleasanton, Calif.


Juni 1990


Bei diesem zweiten Workshop wurde das Konzept von Arbeitsgruppen zugunsten einer Mischung von Vorträgen und Präsentationen aufgenommen. Das Programm war in vier Bereiche unterteilt: Plenary, Management, Dealing with Threats and Vulnerabilities und Communcations.


  • Charles E. Cole (LLNL, USA) / The Challenge of Incident Handling
  • William Scherlis (DARPA, USA) / The CERT Concept: Scaling Up
  • Michael Odawa (Software Development Councile, USA) / Viruses and Their Implications for Commercial Software

 Management Issues:

  • Legal Issues:
    • Vorträge von Mark D. Rasch (DoJ, USA) und James J. Kolouch (FBI, USA)
    • Stephen E. Hansen (Stanford, USA) / Legal Issues, A Site Manager's Nightmare
  • Forming and Managing a Response Team
    • E. Eugene Schulz Jr. (CIAC, USA) / Forming and Managing CIAC : Lessons Learned [Schultz Jr. 1990a]
    • Richard D. Pethia (CERT/CC, USA) / Forming and Managing a Response Team [Pethia 1990]
    • Peter E. Yee (NASA Ames Research, USA) / The NASA Ames Research Center Computer Network Security Response Team [Yee 1990]
    • Alan Fedeli (IBM, USA) / IBM's Corporate-Wide Approach to Dealing With Harmful Code [Fedeli 1990]
  • Developing the Response Team Network
    • Dennis D. Steinauer (NIST, USA) / The Response Center Network : Developing It and Making It Work [Steinauer 1990]
    • Richard D. Pethia (CERT/CC, USA) / Developing the Response Team Network [Pethia 1990a]
    • Ronald H. Hysert (Canadian System Security Centre, CDN) / Developing the Computer Security Incident Response Network : A Canadian Perspective [Hysert 1990]
    • Christopher C. Harvey (SPAN, FR) / The Development of Response Teams in Europe [Harvey 1990]
  • Building a Constituency
    • J. Paul Holbrook (CERT/CC, USA) / Building a Constituency : The CERT/CC Experience [Holbrook 1990]
    • John W. Mildner (Naval Electronics System Security Engineering Center, USA) / Forming a Constituency [Mildner 1990]
    • Jerry Dalton (AT&T, USA) / Building a Constituency : An Ongoing Process [Dalton 1990]

 Dealing with Threats and Vulnerabilities:

  • Trends/Anticipated Future Trends
    • Karl Levitt (UC Davies, USA) / Modeling Attacks on Computer Systems : Evaluating Vulnerabilities and Forming a Basis for Intrusion Detection
    • Donn B. Parker (SRI, USA) / The Trojan Horse Virus and Other Crimoids
    • Jerry M. Carlin (Pacific Bell, USA) / Future Imperfect or Some Thoughts on Future Security Incident Handling
  • Threat Models
    • John Cordani (Adelphi University, USA) / Threat Models : Progress and Problems in Stochastic Models on Internet Vulnerabilities to Self-Replicating Code
    • Dave Icove ; Tim Huff (FBI, USA) / Project CASIAT : Computer Assisted Security and Investigative Analysis Tool
  • Vendor Activities
  • Tools
    • Matt Bishop (Darthmouth College, USA) / Password Checking Techniques
    • Dan Farmer (CERT/CC, USA) / Cops : A UNI*X Security Package
    • Thomas R. Malarkey (NCSC, USA) / Dockmaster Security Enhancements


  • Trusted Communications Mechanisms
    • Rick Carr (NASA, USA) / Lessons Learned from Managing Computer Emergency Response Teams [Carr 1990]
    • Stephen D. Crocker (TIS, USA) / The Role of Trusted Communications in Managing Computer Security
    • Doug Price (Sparta, USA) / Vulnerabilities in the Communication Path : The Hacker is Listening
  • Communicating Vulnerability Information
    • Gregory J. Stuk (Bellcore, USA) / Bellcore Security Information Exchange
    • Keith Bostic (UC Berkeley, USA) / Communicating Vulnerabilities in Open Environments
    • David S. Brown ; Tom Longstaff (CIAC, USA) / Communicating Vulnerabilities
  • Information Sources
    • Kenneth van Wyk (CERT/CC, USA) / Public-Anti-Virus/Security Resources
    • Marianne Swanson (NIST, USA) / Computer Security Resource Center : A Coordinated Approach
    • Thomas R. Malarkey (NCSC, USA) / National Computer Security Center
  • Intra-CERT Communication
    • Joseph P. Boyd (DCA, USA) / Computer Incident Handling Within the Defense Data Network (DDN) [Boyd 1990]
    • Doug L. Mansur (LLNL, USA) / Cooperation in Handling Classified Systems and Information : Report on Initial Meeting [Mansur 1990]
    • Ronald Tencati (SPAN, USA) / Intra-CERT Communications

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