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4th Workshop on Computer Security Incident Handling 1992

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Denver, Colo.


August 1992


Zum ersten Male trat bei diesem Workshop FIRST als Veranstalter auf.


  • Dennis Steinauer (NIST, USA) / FIRST - Where We Are And Where We Are Going
  • Steven Crocker (TIS, USA) / Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail - (PEM)
  • Steven Squires (DARPA, USA) / HPCC - High Performance Computing and Communications
  • Ray Kaplan (Univ. of Arizona, USA) / Speculations on the Nature of Future Attacks and How We Will Defend Ourselves Against Them
  • Kathleen Padgett (LANL, USA) / Establishing and Operating an Incident Response Team [Padgett 1992]
  • Lenora E. Haldenby (Communications Security Establishment, CDN) / Computer Security Incident Response Handling: Current Canadian Experiences, Issues and Plans [Haldenby et al. 1992]
  • Panel session: Incident Handling - A Vendor's Perspective
  • Barbara Lawrence (Westinghouse, USA) / Information Warfare : A New World Order : New Security Challenges
  • John Wack (NIST, USA) / Secure Internet Gateways
  • Electronic Disseminations of Computer Security Information / Vorträge von Marianne Swanson (NIST, USA), Ken van Wyk (CERT/CC, USA) und Cindy Hash (NCSC, USA)

 Tools and Technologies:

  • Abha Moitra (GE, USA) / Real-Time Audit Log Viewer and Analyzer
  • Arthur Maccabe (Univ. of New Mexico, USA) / Learning How to Characterize Normal Behavior in LANs
  • Steven Snapp (Haystack Laboratories, USA) / Signature Analysis Model : Definition and Formalism
  • Matt Bishop (Dartmouth College, USA) / Proactive Password Checking
  • Dennis Jackson (Staffordshire County Council, GB) / X.25 Network Tracing for Internet Users

 Legal and Management Issues:

  • William J. Cook (Willian, Brinks, Olds, Hofer, Gibson & Lione, USA) / Trends in Network Liability
  • Karyn Pichnarczyk (CIAC, USA) / PC Viruses : How Do They Do That?
  • Dennis Flanders (Boeing, USA) / Information Security - Understanding and Selling the Need
  • Dennis Flanders (Boeing, USA) / Security Awareness: The 70% Solution
  • Eugene Spafford (Purdue Univ., USA) / Policies and Planning can Prevent Security Incidents

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