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46th IETF, Washington, DC - November 1999

Guidelines and Recommendations for Incident Processing (GRIP)

1. Agenda

09:00-09:15 Agenda bashing
09:15-09:20 draft-ietf-grip-isp-expectations-01.txt status
09:20-10:15 draft-ietf-grip-ssh-add-00.txt discussion
10:15-11:15 draft-ietf-grip-user-02.txt discussion
11:15-11:30 next steps

No changes proposed.

This working group met once during the November 1999 IETF meeting. The agenda covered each of the three documents currently under development by the group. The goal of the group is to complete all documents by the end of the year. We don't expect to need a meeting in Adelaide.

2. draft-ietf-grip-isp-expectations-01.txt

The editor was unable to complete a new draft after the Oslo meeting. He has said he'll have a new one out in the next three weeks.

3. draft-ietf-grip-ssh-add-00.txt

Tristan posted a draft to IDs but was unable to attend the meeting and receive critique. Klaus-Peter Kossakowski had some comments on the document that he will send to the list. The group was encouraged to review the draft and send comments to the list as well. We hope to have a final draft by the end of the year.

4. draft-ietf-grip-user-02.txt

Tony has completed the changes identified at the Oslo meeting but he was not able to make the ID cut-off date. He reviewed the changes he had made and said he'd have the new draft out as soon as drafts are being accepted again.

There was no additional comments regarding the document although it was noted that the review in Oslo didn't get all the way through the document. So, once the new draft is posted, the group needs to carefully review it in its entirity.

Tony mentioned making the following changes to the security policy section:

Co-editing of document will be handled by Manos Megagiannis.

5. Next steps

Nothing else in addition to the topics already covered. Overall goal is, to be done by the end of the year.

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