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36th IETF, Montreal, Canada. - June 1996

Guidelines and Recommendations for Incident Processing (GRIP)

The GRIP working group met once during the Montreal IETF.


The group began by reviewing the Stoughton comments. The discussion notes for each comment are given below.

The group next discussed the comments from Peter Kossakowski. It was noted that we need to ping Jeff Schiller for the text he promised. This text concerns a method of securely publicizing which other response teams you (the described response team) are working with and trust.

General comments which were made during the meeting

Next Steps

Anne Bennett will determine if she can create the updated template. Ann will provide the chair, Barb Fraser, with an answer within 2 weeks.

Members of the mailing list should review the documents from the point of view of the constituency. Comments should be submitted to the list no later than October 1.

The group discussed creating other documents (a guide for ISPs) but the tasks was deferred because the group may not have the time or energy to complete them.


The mailing list is:

Archives are setup in the US and Europe: Access to the GRIP charter and minutes is possible via World Wide Web, too.

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