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45th IETF, Oslo, Sweden - July 1999

Guidelines and Recommendations for Incident Processing (GRIP)

1. Agenda

9:00-9:10 Agenda bashing
9:10-11:15 Document reviews
- draft-ietf-grip-user-02.txt
- draft-ietf-grip-isp-expectations-01.txt
- addendum for SSH
- user security expectation of vendors
11:15-11:30 Next steps

No changes proposed.

2. draft-ietf-grip-user-02.txt

Tony Hansen led a discussion on the current draft. We weren't able to complete the full review and remaining issues will be discussed on the list. The following are the issues that were discussed.

3. draft-ietf-grip-isp-expectations-01.txt

The paragraph "The (undocumented) XTND XMIT POP3 extension which allows clients to send mail through the POP3 session rather than using SMTP may also be considered. It also provides a way to support mobile users at sites where open relaying is disabled, and has the benefit of an authenticated connection and a better audit trail" will be deleted.

4. Addendum for SSH

The draft document is not issued yet.

The main ideas of the document are :

Work done :

5. Next steps

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