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35th IETF, Los Angeles, Calif. - March 1996

Guidelines and Recommendations for Incident Processing (GRIP)

Session One

The GRIP working group met twice during this IETF. The first session was spent reviewing the current draft of the guidelines for incident response document, and the second session was spent discussing the outline for the vendor document.

We re-affirmed that the audience was incident response teams, and that we would write it such that it provides community expectations for such teams. The group went through the document section by section and provided input to Nevil who will make the necessary changes in the next draft.

We also discussed the ordering of sections in the document and several changes were suggested. Again, Nevil will handle the requests. The group discussed the topic of liason and peering between response teams, and how that type of information can be conveyed to the community. Jeff Schiller agreed to write a paragraph on the subject and send it to the list.

Session Two

The second session was devoted to discussing the next document, Guidelines for Internet Technology Producers. The title has not been fully discussed, but this one will be used as a working title. This session was held on Friday morning and because of that the attendance was low. The group did decide to collect some of their thoughts. The use of the words "must" and "should" haven't been set so their use below is simply representative of the language that the attendee used. This is something we will have to consider at some point in time. Below is the set of topics/suggestions that were captured during the session. This will need a lot of work.

A. Packaging and Distribution

There was some discussion as to whether we should specify a minimum algorithm for this use, but there was no decision.

B. Default Configurations

C. Installation

D. Normal Use

E. Response to Security Problems

F. Support for old versions and duration of support

G. Documentation

H. Other things


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